Newly obtained video shows James Seevakumaran — the man believed to have been planning a large attack on the UCF campus — pulling the fire alarm in his dorm just minutes before killing himself.


“One angle is from outside the door of his room, and the other is from the end of the hall. Because the video is a series of still shots, the motion is not smooth and the fire strobes are not seen consistently flashing in the video, though they did work as expected,” a spokesperson for UCF said.

Seevakumaran left behind a list which described his plan to carry out his attack at UCF. Pulling the fire alarm was one of those steps. Each time Seevakumaran completed a task, he crossed that item off of the list. The last thing on the list said “give them hell.”

“The UCF Police Department is continuing its thorough investigation into the March 18 incident. Once the investigation is complete, UCF will share its findings with the community,” Grant Heston, Associate Vice President for Communications and Public Affairs, said.

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