The University of Central Florida will now allow students to store guns in their locked cars on campus.

According to WKMG Local 6, UCF is rewriting its old policy to abide by a judge’s ruling stating Florida universities cannot enact gun regulations on campus.


A UCF spokesperson told Local 6 campus police will allow students to store guns inside their trunks or in locked passenger compartments “to conform with the recent ruling regarding firearms being locked in vehicles,” while the policy is rewritten.

Last year, the University of North Florida was sued for a policy which prevented students from bringing guns to campus even when the gun is left securely encased in a car. The court ruled a policy enacted by a state university, “to the extent it prohibits possession of securely encased firearms in motor vehicles, is illegal and unenforceable.”

UCF has stood by its policy banning guns on campus after the Tower 1 incident last year.