Everybody goes, but not everyone knows where to go when you’ve got to. That’s why I, Justin Levy, took it upon myself to find the number one places to go when you need to go number two.

However not all bathrooms are created equal.

Part one, UCF’s Best Bathrooms on Campus can be seen here, along with a full rating of each of the top three bathrooms. However this video is part number two, and it involves the worst three bathrooms I found during my investigation.

1. Lake Claire

Spiders. I don’t like them, you don’t like them, so just stay away from this bathroom.

In this situation if nature calls, just go outside and use nature.

2. Math and Physics

This is an exact replica of the bathroom at Hogwarts where Hermione got attacked by a troll.

Don’t get attacked by a troll. Avoid this bathroom.

3. Engineering First Floor

Ever want to be at a crime scene?

Oh, you do?

Then you’ll really enjoy this bathroom.