Police are investigating what is an apparent case of criminal mischief that happened at the Kappa Sigma fraternity house on UCF campus.

Windshield wipers lifted on every car, stolen fraternity letters, six lawn chairs, bicycle tires, two kiddie pools and a window screen all slashed was what police found when they received a call from the Kappa Sigma house about someone vandalizing their property.


On the night of July 12, the police report says two males vandalized property at the Kappa Sigma house. On July 14 it was reported to police who were dispatched to the house and noticed the damage–which they estimate is around $2,270

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A Kappa Sigma representative told police that criminal mischief also occurred at the Alpha Tau Omega house, where all the windshield wipers also were lifted up off the cars. Since no police report was filed at Alpha Tau Omega, there was no investigation.


When KnightNews.com originally requested the police report, the report was almost entirely blacked out. After formally objecting and asking for a legal explanation, UCF decided to release the un-redacted report.


“In speaking with the detective on the case, he determined that providing additional details of the incident to the public would be helpful in solving the case,” UCF Spokesman Chad Binette said.
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The representative for the Kappa Sigma fraternity told police they would like to prosecute if the unknown subject is found.

Kappa Sigma does not have surveillance cameras outside their house. People with knowledge or tips about the crime are urged to call UCF Police at 407-823-5555.