Cait Zona and Jarell Jones sat down with Wednesday to discuss issues such as halting tuition hikes, blacking out names on SGA documents and why they think the average student should vote for them.

Zona, current Speaker of the Senate, explained why their past experiences in SGA can help maximize their efforts as president and vice president, if elected.

“For the average student, I think we would make the best pair and the best candidates … because we know what is going on right now and we know how to fix it,” said Cait. [sam_ad id=”5″ codes=”true”]

Over the past couple weeks, both Zona and Jones said they have been out talking to students, asking for feedback and answering questions so they can truly represent the UCF student body and what it wants to the best of their ability.

Both Zona and Jones promised to oppose all tuition hikes if elected.

“We’re both normal students besides our involvement in SGA. We go to class, we pay the same tuition fees, we’re pretty much the average student for the most part and we don’t want our tuition to go higher just like the other students don’t want it to,” said Jarell.

The candidates also addressed UCF’s controversial practice of blacking out names of certain SGA politicians from public records and their feelings on the alleged 1 a.m. “House of Cards” style meeting that took place between the other two parties.

Zona and Jones are having their campaign rally and will be releasing their full platform to the student body this Sunday, March 22nd at 9 p.m. at Burger U, right next to the Towers at Knights Plaza living community and the CFE Arena. also talked to the Stein and Barhamje ticket Wednesday and we’ll be posting that video soon. The Zagrocki and Bennett also accepted’s invitation for a sitdown interview, and it’s setup for tomorrow afternoon. Check back to see that video interview soon as well.