A rap battle, Stan the SteinMonter, and “no bullshit,” are at the core of the Stein and Barhamje ticket.

On Wednesday, KnightNews.com got a chance to sit down with these UCF presidential candidates, Richard Stein and Mo Barhamje.

The candidates discussed their qualifications, why they believe NOT being involved in SGA is an advantage, and even their views on tuition hikes.

Throughout the interview, Stein and Barhamje expressed concern towards the way SGA is being run at the moment.

“SGA is broken right now. If my resume drew from that source, that’d be a disadvantage for us,” said Stein.

Something they emphasized was the importance of transparency between SGA and the student body, which is one of their platform points. Stein even described UCF SGA voting record transparency as “absolutely a disgrace.”

The candidates also commented on the so called “House of Cards” meeting and described it to be a “political move” from their competitors.

Other points of their platform emphasize jobs, parking and student health/safety. A full platform can be found on their website.

When asked why students should vote for them, Barhamje responded, “Do you guys want the current administration that’s been screwing us over stay in place? Or would you like average students like us, who know exactly what’s going on and what the students need, to takeover and actually fix what needs to be fixed?”

To follow the Stein and Barhamje ticket, visit their website, Facebook, or Twitter.