In previous reviews, I have been very vocal about my opinions concerning modern actions films, whether it be praise aimed at smart camera work or disdain towards a dumbed down and uninspired plot.

Snowpiercer, is an example of the former, thankfully, impressing in every aspect from direction to score, as well as pacing and social commentary. In an age where dystopian science fiction has skyrocketed in popularity, few films have managed to at once entertain and encourage thought the way Snowpiercer does.


If you have some time, and access to a Netflix account, this is a film worthy of your attention.


Snowpiercer takes place in a future where scientists have accidentally caused another ice age, in an attempt to combat climate change. The sole survivors of the human race now live on a self-sustained, perpetually running train. However, not everyone on the train lives with the same amenities or luxuries, and the bulk of the film’s narrative deals with a small group of the most impoverished, attempting a rebellion.

While the idea of a controlling or domineering government is a common construct within science fiction, Snowpiercer is unique in managing to make the ruling state appear realistic as well as relatable. It’s the way many people in this country live, and the film does an excellent job of showcasing the way they struggle.

Visually, Snowpiercer also offers plenty of unique fight scenes, as well as a color scheme that shifts, as the film progresses, to reflect the difference in class and it’s a small nuance that really adds to the overall aesthetic of the film.

Along with a tense yet simple score as well as raising serious questions about the ethics of a class based society, Snowpiercer is one of the best examples of how science fiction and action films should be done.