Shots were fired near Red Iris Lane at Campus Crossings Thursday night, deputies at the student-apartment complex said.

UCF student Stephanie Smith told she heard arguing, then four or five shots from her apartment.


Two shots pierced a door at the complex, allowing a clear view into the apartment. Deputies said no one was hurt in the incident and no one has been arrested.

Two gunshots pierced an apartment door at Campus Crossings (Photo by Christal Hayes)
Two gunshots pierced an apartment door at Campus Crossings (Photo by Christal Hayes)

Valencia student Tashaun Williams said she was walking with her male friend to her apartment when another man approached them and the two men started arguing.

A third man joined in the argument and pulled out a weapon, Williams said. She said he waved the gun in the air before firing the shots.

Out of fear, Williams said she hid in the bushes because she thought she was going to be shot.

Williams, who lives right near where the shots were fired, said she knew both of the men and thinks the two started arguing out of jealousy over her.

Williams also said the man with the weapon drove away in a white plumbing van.

Orange County Sheriff’s Office Watch Commander Dennis Ela said Williams is refusing to tell deputies who the victim and suspect are, which has halted their search. 

“We’d love to look for the victim and help him press charges, but he fled when he heard we were on our way,” Ela said. asked security guards at the complex what they are doing to keep criminals out, but they would not comment. 

A man was found shot to death on Feb. 4 at Campus Crossings and the complex said they were increasing security at the complex.

Anne Lottman contributed to this report

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