The McDonalds near UCF just got a new high-tech upgrade.


The McDonalds across the street from UCF is the first McDonalds in Central Florida and second in the state to roll out “create your own taste” kiosks.


Rather than just ordering a burger when walking in, customers are now greeted by digital kiosks where they can create custom burgers, made to order. Customers can choose from toppings that aren’t offered on the normal menu – including guacamole, jalapeƱos, grilled onion, creamy garlic sauce and even adding Big Mac special sauce to the custom burger.

The general manager of the UCF area McDonalds said that the new technology is the way of the future and if all goes well, these kiosks can start to be spread across the state.

Although the customized burger option is only available inside, customers can still get their burgers to-go.

In total, a customized burger meal option runs anywhere in the range of $7-9.