The Swing Knights at UCF took over the breezeway on Thursday, letting loose and inviting any passerby to join in the fun.


The swing dancing students often take to the breezeway to showcase their swing dancing skills and try to get new people to join the club. Jennifer Santana, who’s studying speech pathology, was one of the people passing by and decided to give it a try.

“I don’t get to do this a lot, and everyone is so nice and welcoming,” Santana said.

The Swing Knights practice on Mondays, and Wednesdays every week, with an open invitation regardless of skill level. Every Friday they host a dance, and Victoria Morris, a member of the club, said it’s a blast. One of the best parts of joining the Swing Knights for her has been the family aspect.

“Everyone in the group and in the UCF club is a lot of fun,” Morris said.

Kyle Killough, an information technology major, said dance is his outlet. He got hooked with swing dancing when he first attended the Swing Knights Winter Formal.

“I was hooked from then on just because it was an awesome place with an awesome atmosphere. It’s probably been the club that’s had the most impact on all of my years here and I’ve been here for seven years,” Killough, said.

Killough said after trying swing dancing he tried other dances including blues, tango, ballroom, and Latin dances. He now knows over 25 dances. Killough is graduating this May, but he plans to still be active in the swing dance community.

“The dances are open to everyone- student or non student,” Killough said.