UCF has released body camera video of the officer who subdued the man who pulled the UCF Library fire alarm and attempted to attack students on Sunday.

The man has been identified as John Kane, a 21-year-old UCF student. He was issued a student affairs referral and is subject to the Office of Student Conduct’s review process. Police are currently reviewing possible charges for Kane.



Around 3:15 p.m. on Sunday, UCF Police responded to the library in reference to a man in distress. In the body camera video, Kane initially complies with the officer and gets on the ground, but gets up to run away when the officer tries to handcuff him. The officer then used a taser to subdue Kane.

“He was doing exactly what we asked at first. I put him on the ground, put his hands behind his back. He was not combative,” said UCF Police Supervisor Erik Lanshinsky. “As soon as I attempted to handcuff him for everybody’s safety, that’s when he became combative.”

Additional officers responded to the scene and asked for Kane’s name to calm him down, but it was obvious Kane did not understand what he was hearing. Kane eventually told officers that he was on LSD.

Orange County Fire Rescue transported Kane to the hospital, where he currently remains. There were no injuries from this incident.