UCF Police detained and wheeled away a UCF student on Sunday after he attacked two students and pulled the fire alarm at the John C. Hitt Library, according to witnesses.

Police detained the UCF student in front of the John T. Washington Center on Sunday around 3:45 p.m. Students who spoke to police told KnightNews.com the student attacked two students before the police arrived on scene. Police were forced to shock the man with a taser after he attacked an officer, witnesses said.

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Raquel Petersen, a sophomore majoring in anthropology, was on her way home from the Leisure Pool when the UCF student approached her in front of the library.

Petersen said the student told her he wasn’t feeling well. Petersen said the man told her he was on LSD.

“He came up to me because he was scared. You could tell he didn’t know where he was. He was looking around and started repeating things,” Petersen said.

The student hugged Petersen before other students tried to help the man. Petersen said the man punched two students while she was on the phone with police.

Heidi Hill, a biology major at Valencia, was at the library when the student pulled the fire alarm.

YouTube Video of UCF Police Detaining Man Outside Library (Warning: May Be Disturbing)

“He was saying he was on fire,” Hill said. “He pulled the fire alarm. My friend and I, we looked out the window and saw all the cops coming. We went out the back door.”

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Students watched as police placed the man on the stretcher. The man shouted, “Bring me to Florida!” before being wheeled away.

Police cleared the library when the fire alarm was pulled, students were let back into the library shortly after the man was detained.