Two brothers who made theft around the University of Central Florida part of their lifestyle are now living behind bars.

18-year-old Devin Haymon and 22-year-old Paul Haymon were arrested by the Orange County Sheriff’s office on May 14 in relation to 11 UCF Police Department burglary and theft cases, according to UCFPD.

Devin Haymon Courtesy: Orange County Jail
Devin Haymon
Courtesy: Orange County Jail

The duo told detectives they targeted the area around campus due to “college kids coming home from parties half wasted.”

UCFPD said they had alarms set for the middle of the night and they’d go around UCF-area housing looking for unlocked vehicles. UCFPD said they assumed they would be more likely to get away with the crimes if they didn’t smash glass.

Paul Haymon Courtesy: Orange County Jail
Paul Haymon
Courtesy: Orange County Jail

“The brothers would come home in the mornings and dump out stolen money, credit/debit cards and electronics, saying making their living room look ‘like Christmas.’ Then they’d pawn stolen items, making up to $450 for one night’s work,” a UCFPD release said.

UCFPD caught the brothers by following up on the repots and tracing pawns back to them.

The Haymon brothers also confessed to other property crimes within Orange County jurisdiction.