Orlando Mayor Dyer was one of the hundreds gathered at Disney World’s Yacht and Beach Club Resort for Rick Scott’s Economic Growth Summit Tuesday.

The summit was a chance for numerous potential Republican presidential candidates to share their ideas with the public.
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Dyer told KnightNews.com that he’s confident that the UCF Downtown Campus will eventually get funded.

“I talk every day with Senate President Andy Gardner who’s a real supporter of that and local members of the house are equally supportive so I think we’re going to get that done,” said Dyer.

Possible presidential candidate, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, told KnightNews.com in an exclusive interview that the size of government needs to be decreased and the private sector needs to grow.

“I think one of the worst things about the Obama years is the unemployment across the country especially for our college graduates. As government gets bigger the private sector economy suffers. It’s like a law of gravity, it’s inevitable. We need to shrink the size of government, grow the private sector so that all of our people, including college graduates, get good paying jobs right here at home,” said Jindal.

Jeb Bush told the media that social security is not likely to exist in the future for those who are now under the age of 40 in the current format.

Bush said, “The actuaries that designed the social security retirement system never envisioned a life expectancy in the 80’s and growing.”

Neither Governor Jindal nor former Governor Bush have officially declared their presidential candidacy as of now.

Marco Rubio was not in attendance due to the fact that he was in Washington D.C. debating whether the Patriot Act should be extended.

Governor Rick Scott does not plan on running for president or for Marco Rubio’s Senate Seat.