The 2015 UCF football season hasn’t started yet, and fans are already unhappy with the new Memory Mall tailgate reservation system.

A petition was created Monday night by UCF football fan Joseph Lacattiva and within 24 hours, it has over 350 supporters.

UCF football fans have already pointed out what they think are problems with the new policy.

Many fans missed the tailgate spot sign up that opened Monday morning at 10 a.m. due to the fact they were at work and we’re unable to access a computer and make the reservation. Fans now have to take off work for game days and registration days to ensure they get a spot on Memory Mall to tailgate.

One fan commented on the petition and said, “This is a dumb idea because some people can’t get to a computer on Mondays because their work doesnt allow them to be near one.”

Another said, “I am unable to tailgate because I was unable to get on my phone to reserve and find it to be unfair.”

Under the new system, fans will be able to check in to get the spot they reserved one hour before tailgating begins. Fans will have up until three hours before kick off to claim their reserved spot, according to the Knights of the Mall FAQ website.

All Memory Mall spots were reserved within just a couple hours of registration opening.

The reservation system was announced back in May. The Student Government Association has been a supporter of the new system from the start.

These efforts are in order to ensure students are having a “good, safe, healthy” time tailgating, according to SGA President Cait Zona at that time.