The University of Central Florida Police Department will be intensifying their enforcement of underage drinking and DUI’s starting on Friday.

UCFPD will team up with Orange County Sheriff’s Office, Seminole County Sheriff’s Office and Florida Highway Patrol to ensure alcohol enforcement near the main UCF campus and locate impaired drivers.

“UCFPD and the Orange County Sheriff’s Office’s SNAP detail, which targets underage drinking and irresponsible partying behavior, will be in effect. Those violating drinking laws are subject to written or physical arrests and referrals to the Office of Student Conduct,” a UCFPD release stated.

Any driver suspected of driving under the influence may be pulled over and asked to complete a sobriety test. If the driver is impaired, they will be arrested and taken to OCSO’s blood alcohol testing trailer near the Bright House Networks Stadium.

Once at the trailer, a breath sample will be taken and the driver will be taken to jail.

Those driving under the influence who are under the age of 21 may have their license suspended even if they are not at a DUI level.

“UCFPD’s goal is to reduce the crashes, injuries and fatalities that come from impaired driving, and police will have zero tolerance for those breaking the law,” the release informed.

“Students who are drinking underage or driving under the influence subject themselves to arrest,” according to the release.

Police are starting this enforcement Friday in an effort to impact students before the fall semester starts.