UCF’s Sigma Chi fraternity has been accused of violating multiple student conduct policies, including hazing, by blindfolding a pledge and telling him to “assume the position,” according to UCF records.

On June 18, the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life received an anonymous call through their Anti-Hazing hotline and details relating to an alleged hazing incident that took place during the Spring 2015 semester were discussed, according to the UCF investigatory documents.


The UCF investigative report is eight pages long, includes interviews with people UCF declined to identify, and describes the allegations in detail:


One pledge was called by some brothers to come pick them up at Knight’s Library while he was acting as a designated driver for the fraternity. After picking up the brothers, they insisted that the pledge come back to their apartment behind Knight’s Library and drink and hangout with them for a little while. The brothers took the phone given to the pledge so that he could not leave, according to UCF’s report.

UCF’s investigation alleged, while at the apartment, that the pledge stated someone came out of the bathroom with a blindfold and told him to sit down so that they could blindfold him. Investigators said he was then told to get down on his knees and elbows and to “assume the position” (plank position). While in the plank position the pledge stated that he was being screamed at by brothers. Brothers told him to stay in the plank position and to count to 100. The brothers would scream at him and ask him what number he had counted to. When he messed up, the brothers would continue to scream at the pledge and told him to count to 150 because he wasn’t paying attention. While in the position, he stated someone threw a basketball or football at him. The brothers then told him, “We are not doing this because we don’t like you, we are doing this because we want you to be one of us,” according to UCF’s report.

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