YouTube stars MyLifeAsEva (Eva Gutowski), Meredith Foster, Alisha Marie, Sierra Furtado, Mia Stammer, and musician Andie Case will be performing in Orlando on Sunday, Oct. 18 at The Plaza Live.

The girls who are also all close friends have a combined fan base of more than 23 million followers. They are known on their channels for giving lifestyle and fashion tips and advice. They are using this tour to not only connect with their fans but also empower young women to love themselves and have self acceptance through their beauty, fashion, and DIY videos.


The show will be a very interactive experience for the audiences. They are bringing their videos to life with games, sketches, contests, Q & A sessions, and musical performances. Sierra Furtado described the Q and A session saying, “we take specific questions that the audience from that show, that specific venue submitted, and their username along with their question will be on the screen and we answer their question during the show and they really love that, they when we answer their specific question and pronounce their username”. When it comes to musician Andie Case, Sierra says that Andie opens the show and she’s “really awesome”, and also started her career on YouTube.

As far as their videos, on a typical “Girls Night In” the popular vloggers will get together and help each other with their videos. Mia Stammer chimes in saying, “we’ve all known each other a really long time, and so we’ll watch each other’s videos”. When it comes to their friendship and giving each other advice on perfecting their videos Alisha Marie says, “Obviously YouTube is a big part of our lives so I love how were all good friends so we don’t always have to talk about it 24/7 but when do were always there for each other to share advice and just be a support group for one another”.

When asked advice they will share with their fans who are struggling with self acceptance, Sierra said, “The thing I’m most self conscious about is my skin, and I’ve done a video with my skin completely bare, acne and all, to show them they’re not the only ones and there are other people going through the same thing”. Alisha stated, “Everyone deals with something. I still struggle with body issues and I feel a lot of people think that were these perfect confident girls on the Internet, when in reality were just like them and were relatable. You worth isn’t in your looks or your skin, you are who you are regardless of all those things”.
The girls unanimously agreed the thing they are most excited for during this tour is to meet and connect with their fans. “Making videos we obviously see people viewing them but to see our fans in real life and connecting with them is the most rewarding experience”.
You catch the girls live this Sunday October 18th at The Plaza Live. Doors open at 6:30 pm, and the show starts at 7:30 pm. To purchase tickets go to