The University of Central Florida Police Department forwarded a case involving a former UCF director of the Nicholson School of Communication to the state attorney’s office, according to the Orlando Sentinel.

In April of 2015, Knight News broke the story about Robert Chandler becoming pressured to resign after accusations arose of misusing travel reimbursements and university resources on business trips.

Apparently double-dipping 40 times on the trips in amounts of $30,000 drew suspicion from the university, which looked into Chandler’s expenses and concluded foul play may be at hand.

As a result of the investigation, Chandler reimbursed UCF about $30,000 for the “overpayments and double payments” he received, according to UCF records. Chandler denied wrongdoing, telling UCF there were delays but not a “purposeful fraudulent intent.”

Michael Johnson, the UCF dean of Sciences, wrote a letter in response to Chandler’s explanation shortly after, saying “It is impossible for me to accept an explanation of ‘sloppiness’ on your part. Theft constitutes misconduct and your actions have resulted in an irrevocable breach of trust.”

The penalty for the “thefts,” as Johnson described, could result in 15 years in prison, among other penalties, said Knight News legal analyst Lisa Figueroa.

Chandler began at UCF in 2009 and received an annual salary of approximately $200,000, according to reports.

College of Science associate dean Dr. Arlen F. Chase currently takes the role of acting director for the school of communication.