This past week was one of first issues and Darkseid War tie-ins that all have different feels and looks to them. What’s seemingly most important is how these books are continually viewing Batman in both of his incarnations: Jim Gordon and Bruce Wayne. The Darkseid War one shots have officially set the bar high for the Justice League’s return issue this month and they set the tone for a universe that has been shaken to its core.

Here are the reviews for the comics that released on Nov. 11:


Batman #46 – Grade: 4.6

Jim Gordon’s Batman finally gets an up close and personal taste of the new and intriguing villain, Mister Bloom. This continuing storyline dawdled a bit in getting to this immediate showdown, but when it finally happened, it paid immediate dividends. Mister Bloom is definitely a threat and the consequences of his misdeeds have escalated in a fun, yet devastating way. Gordon’s Batman also continues to be a welcome change for the character as his values are sometimes in direct contrast to Bruce Wayne’s Batman.

Batman and Robin Eternal #6 – Grade: 3.7

A throwback Batman and Robin story proves just how little information that Bruce Wayne gave to his Bat-Family and how that has caused repercussions in a big way. In what seems to be a common theme for the week, Grayson strays away from Bruce Wayne’s Batman in a move that works in a number of ways. Not being like the old Batman is what is best for the superhero business at the moment.

The Darkseid War: Green Lantern – Grade: 4.8

Absolutely love what is being done with Green Lantern under Geoff Johns yet again as the Emerald Crusader becomes the God of Light. The artistic style of the book is also unique and smooth as it gives off the feel of an old-school comic book in a lot of ways. Most importantly, what Hal Jordan chooses to do with the power of a god is what makes him different from almost every other hero in the Justice League so far.

The Darkseid War: Shazam – Grade: 4.1

Shazam and his alter-ego Billy Batson always struggles to connect with your basic reader, but this issue doesn’t seem to shy away from that fact at all. While this book is somewhat confusing at times, it embraces what Shazam is and an interesting shake-up of the character is introduced as the new normal.

DC Comics: Bombshells #4 – Grade: 3.1

While this book is a different take on the female characters of the DC Universe, Bombshells #4 cannot seem to gain enough steam to be truly interesting. The Harley Quinn interlude is fun, but it makes the book feel rather disjointed which only serves as another reason this story did not land. However, the Wonder Woman storyline is definitely gaining some much-needed traction.

Slash and Burn #1 – Grade: 4.0

Another in a string of Vertigo’s new books, Slash and Burn follows a firefighter who may or may not be a serial arsonist. The first issue does a very good job of towing that line between intelligent firefighter and dangerous psychopath in a way that should pay off handsomely. However, this issue does fall into some of the tropes that first issues go through when it comes to introducing characters and relationships.

Superman: American Alien #1 – Grade: 4.7

Superman: American Alien is the quintessential Man of Steel anthology that avid comic fan should go out and get their hands on. Screenwriter Max Landis pens a fun and lighthearted story about Clark’s younger years and just how life was growing up with his powers. With threats around every corner, this book is going to be a must-read look in the psyche of Clark Kent throughout his transformation into Superman.

Teen Titans #13 – Grade: 2.8

This Teen Titans issue featured a lot of good moments for the new Power Girl, but was mostly marred by a storyline that has failed to incite any changes amongst the ranks of the Titans. The bright side is the cliffhanger at the end of the issue is very encouraging as the Titans will be going toe to toe with a very dangerous villain.