Toronto native Jahkoy is notably recognized for his clean blend of R&B and house music, but there is much more to this artist than just the aesthetic of his sound. Jahkoy is a singer, songwriter and producer, and has most recently been recognized as one of Billboard’s “Artist to Watch.” With a quiet climb to the top, he will undoubtedly hold sway in that position for quite some time, especially with his latest single “Odd Future.”

“Odd Future” showcases a supplementary tone in all aspects of his vocals, lyrics and production. Those familiar with modern day R&B soundscapes may note the very subtle and slight edge against typical pop-induced R&B composition throughout the song. An interesting take on melding the vibe of R&B with personal analysis of ones psyche, Jahkoy hones in on his soul, rather than picking away at common antics of a relationship.

Jahkoy’s latest single makes you feel like you’re buckled in to the passenger’s seat of a long, dark, quiet ride through a rainstorm- both physically and mentally. Just as scattered as the streetlights are, the drivers mind is lost in translation. This is only the beginning of Jahkoy’s journey, and his plan is to take it all the way to the top.