The Jake & Elaine independent ticket in this year’s University of Central Florida Student Government has been suspended from the race.

“Friends, family, and fellow students, after spending seven hours defending ourselves in a hearing that was closed to the public, and despite my best efforts to push for reason and sense to guide the decisions of the election commission, I come to you with the unfortunate news that Elaine and I have been suspended from the presidential election ballot,” Milich said in a Facebook post.

Milich’s suspension was decided in a series of closed hearings lasting seven hours. He said that the meetings silenced the voices of 63,000 students.

Milich said his campaign was accused of nine violations in total.

“What’s worse, is that the student’s voices were taken away not in a public forum in the Sunshine, but rather in a secret meeting in a secluded room, purposefully restricted from the public eye,” Milich continued.

Milich noted that he is going to appeal the decision to the student body Chief Justice Taylor Scimeca.

The suspended duo can still be in the race if Scimeca approves their appeals and they win.

“We have a student body of approximately 63,000 students. Of those 63,000 students, about 7,000 vote for their student body president every year. Because of the election commission’s decision, the outcome of this election is not being determined by the 63,000 or the 7,000. It is being determined by 5 individuals who represent 0.00008% of the student body. Not only are these 5 individuals not elected by you, the students, but they are appointed and put into those positions of power by one individual who has openly endorsed my opponent in this race,” the UCF Senator expressed.