By Richard Stein, 2015 UCF SGA Presidential Candidate

Jacob Milich is a marine, a student, and until a few hours ago, an SGA presidential candidate. I’ve never met him, volunteered for his campaign or would even consider myself a supporter. But, when I found out what happened to him today, I became upset and wrote this article.


I’m angry because Jacob fought for this country and our democratic way of life. He was willing to risk his life for democracy and upon his return and transition to civilian life, he decided to become an active participant, by running for President of SGA.

Unfortunately, those that comprise Student Government at the University of Central Florida, a university ranked as “military friendly,” colluded to end his campaign.

Behind closed doors, a panel of five individuals (appointed by a public supporter of Jacob’s opposition) found him guilty of egregious errors and silenced his campaign. Today, a man who fought for this country, is not able to run because he:

1. Wrote notes on his phone

2. Tested his website prior to the official start of his campaign

3. Developed social media pages prior to the official start of his campaign (0 followers, no campaign information)

This is truly ridiculous and those in SGA should forever be ashamed that they are allowing this to happen.

Those that are upset should Contact the Office of the President (Dr. Hitt): 407-823-1823