Fontana, California was in for a wild ride this past Sunday, when NASCAR drivers showed up on the west coast ready for action. It was Kevin Harvick who started off as leader, pacing for about fifteen laps before the first caution on the field. When it was back to green Carl Edwards took the lead for only a few before Harvick snagged the spot back.

Another caution on the race track appears when Kyle Larson undergoes tire failure, causing him to bump into the outside wall and swerve off to hit the inside wall right after, heavily damaging the front of his car. Harvick soon after loses the lead when he heads off into pit road, giving Martin Truez Jr. a chance at first place.


Soon after Jimmie Johnson – the man NASCAR called “Superman” (his racecar became promotional material for the upcoming Superman) – took the lead, but a little more than halfway through the race Harvick pushes him into second place. Another caution creeps up on the drivers after Trevor Bayne scrapes the wall; many take advantage of this and head into Pit Road. A quick restart where Jimmie Johnson takes the lead once again, but the cautions win again as Danick Patrick crosses in front of Kasey Kahne and crashes into the outside wall.

Jimmie Johnson and Kevin Harvick battle it out, interchanging between first and second place – with an interruption from Joey Logano for a short time – before heading into overtime. Kyle Busch hit the outside wall on Turn 3 after blowing a tire, which initiated the caution before the race came to a close.

In the end, “Superman” took the checkered flag, bringing Jimmie Johnson to break his tie with Dale Earnhardt Sr., earning him 77 career wins. Kevin Harvick and Denny Hamlin followed him in second and third place.