“College audiences are my favorite, and I cannot wait to come back to the University of Central Florida,” Bob Saget said as he prepares to headline the UCF stage once again on Wednesday, March 23 at the CFE Arena at 8 p.m.

10 years after his first performance at UCF, Saget has continued to blossom his 30+ year comedic repertoire in theatre, film, stand-up and television, making entertainment headlines across the board especially in 2016 alone.


In January, the seasoned performer completed his run in Broadway’s critically acclaimed dark comedy Hand to God. Last month, his featured role in Mike Young’s A Stand Up Guy was released on iTunes, and of course, his beloved role of “Danny Tanner,” or “Mr. T,” was reprised on Netflix’s Fuller House, which despite critics’ reviews is already picked up for a second season.

Through all of the excitement, the comedian is ready to turn the big 6-0 in May, and being the poster-“dad” of a true workaholic keeps him young and timeless.

Saget is ecstatic to be back on the road performing his stand-up routines.

“Every show is like a term paper, but I don’t dread it,” the guru of metaphors said as he identifies with college students. “I love to entertain.”

When asked what his favorite medium of performing is, the entertainer said, “each [performing medium] is my favorite when I am doing it.” Saget stays present in each act he performs and inspires UCF performers and aspiring stand-up comedians to do the same.

“You should always try to find more talents that makes you special,” UCF theatre studies sophomore Kevin Cuoto said. “He inspires me to work even harder at performing a wide range of characters.”

“I admire his ability to be a clean, working comedic actor and transition into a completely different stage persona,” UCF Last Knight Standing comedian said. “Being a comedian is hard, and he found a way to mold his own persona while also making a living and becoming culturally significant.”

Bob Saget is familiar to this particular group of college students because UCF’s current population has grown alongside his transitioning versatility of comedy.

Born between the years of 1993 and 1997, the current Knight generation suffers a bit of an identity crisis when it comes to determining a particular demographic cohort of age.

Nostalgic, UCF junior civil engineering major Adam Tara considers himself a hardcore Generation Y “90’s kid,” who recalls watching re-runs of Full House daily as the family-oriented sitcom aired weekdays on ABC Family from 9-10 a.m., 12-1 p.m., 3-4 p.m., and again on Nick @ Nite from 9-10 p.m.

Full House was always on in my home,” Tara said. “Growing up with the show and watching his raunchier stand-ups as I grew older made me think of him as not only ‘America’s Dad’ but also our ‘dirty daddy or uncle.’”

“As Bob’s style of comedy became more versatile, my taste became both wholesome and raunchy as I got older,” UCF IT sophomore Sergio Pacheco added. “His range grew, and I appreciated both styles.”

UCF students identify with and feel a true connection to CAB Comedy’s upcoming headliner, and the feeling is mutual. “I am not only a comedian, I am a friend,” said Saget.

He is also present with his ability to keep up with the times.

“I try to consider myself a chameleon,” Saget said. “I have been grateful to be a part of many trending things over the past few months, and I love learning all aspects to each craft of entertainment.”

Using today’s vocabulary such as “trending” and “viral” in his everyday language and comedic material, he understands the ways of social media and their positive and negative impacts.

“I understand I am branded sometimes as dirty, but I actually am a very sensitive man,” the chameleon said. “I only stand for spreading and receiving positive messages all-around.”

Translation in today’s words: Saget has “all the chill.”

The chameleon uses social media such as Twitter to post a funny joke or thank audiences for seeing his shows, and he says there is no room for negativity for anyone.

Mr. T’s main response to the critics of Fuller House was the couch. (Spoiler alert)

“The living room couch,” Saget said, “was the same exact couch from the show 20 years ago.” It was kept with the sneaky feeling a revival would come about. “Full House will live on ‘forever,’[Uncle Jesse and Aunt Becky’s wedding song from the show], and the fans are enjoying what we give them.”

The range of this comedian’s comedy is uncanny and unmatched, and his familiarity and identification with younger audiences keeps him close to home.

“I feel young like you students as opposed to my actual age,” Saget said. “The work keeps going, and I can’t wait to show everyone my new routine.”

UCF CAB presents Bob Saget for Spring 2016 Comedy Knight featuring Fortune Feimster and Late Knight standing champion Gray Bigler. Tickets are available for students at he SGA ticket center for $5.00 with a valid student ID and general tickets are Students can purchase tickets for $5.00 the SGA Ticket Center and general admission tickets are available at the CFE Arena box office or on Ticketmaster for $25.

Doors open at 7:00 p.m., the show begins at 8 p.m.

Discretion is advised as this is a show intended for mature audiences.

Image credit: Joshua Pitcock