The heart of campus is getting a make-over and with that new look comes new eateries…

The University of Central Florida Student Union released a video featuring some of the new restaurants that will come with its expansion:


The video shows Panda Express, Steak and Shake and Which Wich as some of the new businesses. Cafe Bustelo, Huey Magoos and Qdoba were places already on campus that were also featured.

UCF spokesman Chad Binette said the restaurants featured in the video are some of the restaurants that will be in the union, not all of them.

When the UCF Board of Trustees voted in favor of a Student Union under Aramark, it was decided that two current business in the Student Union would stay after the renovations.

It is not yet confirmed if Huey Magoos and Qdoba are the only ones staying, as Binette said that a final list of restaurants is not available yet.

Knight News asked UCF if Wackadoos was not going to be part of the union upgrade but did not receive an answer.