Sun-drenched garage rockers SunGhosts have released of their highly anticipated self-titled debut album on Aug. 23, 2016 through Orchard House Music.

SunGhosts (the album) features 14 tracks, written by frontman Nik Olas and was produced by two-time Grammy award winning producer Joel Someillán.  The album was available for pre-order on iTunes as of Aug. 13, and fans who pre-ordered it received a little tease off of the album, a song appropriately titled “Teazr.”

“Our dream since SunGhosts’ dawning in 2013 has been to share explosively passionate music with the world to inspire hope, love and understanding. It’s the music we love to play, and if we can make this planet a better place by playing it than we’ve done our job,” said Olas.  “We look forward to traveling all over the globe and writing new music based on our experiences.”

In support of the album release, the band is embarking on its longest tour yet – SunGhosts’ Magical Mischief Tour – a 30-day jaunt booked by No Wavve booking agency through 13 states and the District of Columbia, which will also include the band’s first appearance in the Northeastern United States. The tour kicked off today, just a few weeks after the band’s free, all-ages album release party in Miami which was held at the Wynwood ArtWalk.

Previously, SunGhosts made their debut at inaugural Okeechobee Music & Arts Festival held in Okeechobee, Florida just this past Spring.

“When we were signing up for Battle of the Bands, we were trying to figure out how we could stand out because there was going to be so many bands that want to play the first annual Okeechobee festival. We wanted to represent who we are, and what better way to stand out and get people excited than promising them that we would play in our underwear if we won,” Olas exclaimed in reference to how SunGhosts claimed their spot on the Okeechobee bill.

In addition to playing OMF, SunGhosts are continuing to pop up on music festival lineups and will make their first festival debut since the release of their self titled album at III Points Music Festival in Mana Wynwood, Miami during the first weekend of October.

For those looking to follow the Ghosts journey, more information is available on their website

Check out their latest music video for song Hydro Pump here.

Photo credit: Edzster Photography