Invest 99-L will have a possibility of development into a tropical storm or depression as it moves across the Caribbean.

The storm path models a cone that has a high likelihood of impacting Florida as early as next week. In order for the current weather pattern to be classified as a tropical cyclone, persistent convection, or thunderstorm activity, near a well-defined area of low pressure needs to take place at the Earth’s surface.


A reconnaissance mission by the Hurricane Hunters examined Invest 99-L on Tuesday and concluded the system had an ‘elongated and poorly defined circulation center.’

The only individual with the authority to cancel classes would be the president of the university – John C. Hitt.

In the case that the storm develops and moves into Central Florida, as well as serves as a threat to student safety, classes will be cancelled accordingly. On the path and severity that Invest 99-L currently has classes will likely remain open – severe weather that only exhibits higher-than-normal rain averages may not be enough to close the university.

For systems that develop into powerful hurricanes, which can last up to several days, classes will remain closed as the severe weather slowly passes through the state.

Knight News will be checking with UCF in the days ahead to see how classes will be impacted for students.