On Wednesday UCFPD held its first “Coffee with a Cop” event, the first of many according to the department.

At 8am around a dozen UCF Police Officers entered McDonald’s for a chance to interact with members of the UCF community, including students, faculty, staff and residents of the surrounding community.


All members in attendance received a free cup of coffee courtesy of McDonald’s.


One of the officers even worked the drive thru window serving breakfast orders, much to the shock of the morning customers.


“We know that there’s a growing disconnect between law enforcement in many communities”, UCF Police Chief Richard Beary said “and this is just one way to bridge that gap.”

The UCFPD plans to continue having these events, according to Beary, and the department as a whole looks forward to continue to interact with the community.

Stay tuned to Knight News for information and dates regarding future UCFPD functions.