Now is the time to prepare, not panic.

With hurricane season underway, UCF is continuing to monitor the tropical system in case storms head this way.


Since hurricane season lasts until November, UCF is recommending students to start thinking about what to do in the event of a storm now instead of later.


During times of threatening weather, the UCF Office of Emergency Management works closely with the National Weather Service to keep students and faculty updated via email and text notifications.


Here is a video that shows how UCF recommends you prepare for severe weather.

Home and office checklists can be found here.

UCF is currently the largest university certified to hold the National Weather Service title.

This means UCF has met an advanced level of preparedness for a severe weather event. UCF was first recognized as “Storm Ready” back in 2010.

In order to be classified as “Storm Ready,” universities must:

Establish a 24-hour warning point and emergency operations center, have more than one way to receive severe weather warnings and forecasts and to alert the public, create a system that monitors weather conditions locally, promote the importance of public readiness through community seminars, and develop a formal hazardous weather plan, which includes training severe weather spotters and holding emergency exercises.