After 25 years of accomplishments at the University of Central Florida, “the best is yet to come,” said President John C. Hitt during Tuesday’s State of the Campus Address.

The event featured a Question & Answer style session where the Associate Vice President for Communications and Public Affairs Grant Heston asked President Hitt primarily questions he wrote, then a few questions from the audience.


During this time Hitt and Heston went over many of UCF’s projects such as the downtown Orlando Campus, the UCF Teaching Hospital in Lake Nona and UCF’s $500 million fundraising campaign. While speaking about the fund raising President Hitt reiterated just how important private donations are to the University. Along with UCF’s projects President Hitt also discussed UCF’s football Program and said he feels that “we are on the right path.”


Along with these crucial questions, Hitt was also asked about lighthearted subjects such as how he felt about Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s divorce. Hitt exclaimed, “Words fail me.” Hitt was also asked about why he enjoys his apple watch so much. Hitt explained how he loves that he doesn’t have to dig through his pants anymore for his phone during meetings; he can just use the watch!

The Question and Answer session ended with a fill in the blank segment where Heston Gave Hitt a sentence and Hitt filled in the blank,

Heston-“UCF student are___”


Heston- “Best commencement speech speaker I’ve seen was___”

Hitt-“Bill Clinton”

Heston -“I’m proud of our faculty members because___”

Hitt-“They care”

Heston-“My favorite place to eat is___”

Hitt-“Martha Hitt’s kitchen”

Heston- “In 25 years Orlando will be___”

Hitt-“Even bigger and better then it is today”

Heston- “Philanthropy is important because___”

Hitt-“Without it we can’t be fully successful”

Heston-“The secret to being married for 55 years is___”

Hitt-“Choosing the right partner”

Heston-“When I have free time I like to___”

Hitt-“Spend it with Martha”

Heston-“I plan to serve as president until___ “

Hitt- “I’ll let you know.”

Heston-“When you meet someone who doesn’t know a thing about UCF what do you tell them?”

Hitt- “I tell them about what a great group of students and faculty members we have. I’ve watched our students self organize and solve problems in ways that I’ve just never seen elsewhere. “

After the address when asked what his goal for UCF long term was Hitt replied, “Long term it will be recognized as one of the major State Universities in the country in both quality and size.”