On Monday, Oct. 17, Bruce Nathan and four armed security guards were trespassed after trying to enter the U.S. Senate debate at the Fairwinds Alumni Center, according to UCF Police Department.

The debate was a privately hosted event by WFTV Channel 9 between Republican nominee Marco Rubio and Democratic nominee Patrick Murphy.


Nathan and his men arrived around 6:36 p.m. and tried to gain access to the building.


UCFPD Officer Earl Barber denied the men entrance and said to the guards, “I don’t care who he is. He is not coming in, and if you refuse to leave, you will be arrested.”

Deputy Chief Brett Meade and other officers arrived on scene to escort the men off the property.

As the men were being escorted, Deputy Chief Meade noticed the security guards were armed with weapons under their jackets.

Deputy Chief Carl Metzger made the decision to detain the men and have them identified. After identifying them, UCFPD trespassed Nathan and his men from the University.

According to Florida’s Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services, the University of Central Florida interpreted Florida state statute incorrectly and the four armed men with “G” class licenses were within their rights to be armed and on campus.

“Despite the misinterpretation of the statute, police acted appropriately and lawfully, successfully deescalating a heated incident and allowing the debate to move forward with no further issue,” according to UCFPD Public Information Officer Courtney Gilmartin.

Knight News will continue to bring you more information on this incident as more information becomes available.