The fight for the next Student Body President is officially underway.

On Monday, Nick Larkins announced that he would be campaigning for the position of Student Body President along side his running mate, Cristina Barreto.


Larkins is a native to the Orlando area and a Junior at UCF. He is majoring in health sciences and is a brother of the Sigma Pi fraternity.


When asked what he hoped to accomplish if elected, Larkins broke his platform down to eight categories:


-Campus Life
-Freshman and First Time in College Students (FTIC)
-Upperclassman Students
-Graduate Student
-Armed Forces Veteran Students/ ROTC Students
-Parking, Transportation, and Safety
-Advocacy at the state and federal level
-Presidents Cabinet and accountability

“Given the fact that I have three years of SGA experience, I’m confident that Cristina and I can accomplish everything on this list during our one-year term if elected,” Larkins told Knight News.

But when asked what specific changes he would make if elected, Larkins said that the two main issues of his campaign are mental health and student jobs.

“For mental health, Cristina and I will work to find other ways to bring more and better trained mental health professionals to UCF.”

If elected, Larkins would have to find alternative methods to bring in those professionals since the Board of Trustees recently voted not to raise the health fee by 0.50 cents per student, which would’ve gone towards mental health services.

Larkins also hopes to create a scholarship allowing graduates to come back for up to one year for free resume critique, and a mock interview.

“Most people don’t realize that they have a subpar resume or poor interview skills until they’ve been denied a job solely because of a bad resume or interview. With this platform point, Cristina and I hope to remedy that issue.”

Other candidates for SGA president are expected to be announced within the coming days, the election will last until March 27.

Stay Tuned to Knight News for continued political updates.