Students were able to celebrate school spirit at a Tie Dye event held by the UCF SGA on Thursday afternoon.

The SGA dubbed the event “UCF is Tie Dye for” and was held in front of the Student Union from 12:00 p.m. to 2 p.m.



UCF students, enthused by the promotion of the free T-Shirt and Tie Dye service, gathered in a line that at one point stretched out all the way from the Student Union Patio back to the John T. Washington Center.


When asked why she came to the event, UCF student Victoria Lee summed it up simply, “Free Shirts!”

The SGA advertised the event on campus, as well as on Facebook. They also were able to catch attention of students because of the increasingly long line.

Asked how they heard about the event, “I just got in line,” said UCF student Minisha Rampham. By contrast, UCF student Julie Wuenschel said, “I heard about it on Facebook.”

Ashleigh Taylor, UCF student and Director of Communications for the SGA, said that the purpose of the event was “To help promote the UCF Student Government Association, as well as spread school spirit on campus.”

The event was “a fun and positive way,” according to Taylor, for the Student Government Association to get their name out to the student body.

Taylor and other members of SGA also offered extra information about SGA to students, which included details about the new SGA council open to students.

John Shipley, Juanita Umana, and Zoe Hammerschmidt contributed to this article.