SGA presidential candidates Josh Boloña and Jad Shalhoub revealed their 2017 campaign platform to a packed Caddyshanks on Wednesday night.

The platform consists of five sections: Student Initiatives and Representation, Transparency and Accountabiity, Transportation and Safety, Health and Happiness, and University Pride and Student Experience.

Josh and Had covered a wide range of plans both fun and serious that they hope to implement if elected.

Perhaps the biggest cheer of the night came when the duo announced that they planned to advocate for beer to be available in the student section of the football stadium.

The pair also discussed transparency, which hasn’t always been present in SGA administrations in the past.

When Knight News asked whether the actions of student-elected SGA senators should be protected under FERPA Boloña responded, “We do believe that if you are elected and you are representing the student bodies, the words you say should be held accountable to your responsibility, so yes we are for being transparent.”

Josh and Jad’s campaign platform can be found in its entirety below:

Josh and Jad’s Platform PDF

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