The Student Escort Patrol Service is looking for part-time student workers at the University of Central Florida, to be hired and trained by the UCF Police Department, within the next six weeks.

SEPS runs from 7 p.m. to 1 a.m. on campus daily for students who want a safe ride from one location on campus to another, whether that student does not want to walk alone, has had a night of drinking and wishes to make it across campus OK, and more. The service is free to students.


“The S.E.P.S. Wear yellow shirts with the insignia S.E.P.S. on it and carry radios that are in direct communication with the police dispatchers,” UCF Parking Services said.


“Besides providing safe escorts for people, the S.E.P.S. are also trained as Crime Watchers. For S.E.P.S. escorts call 823-2424. If the S.E.P.S. are off duty, please call 823-5555 and a police officer will be dispatched to assist you. Safe escort is offered on campus 24 hours a day.”


The UCF Police Department saw their highest ridership in one day on the night of April 11 with 140 free rides given.

SEPS ridership doubled in 2015, serving nearly 14,500 students, faculty and staff members and campus visitors.

“Student employees of the police department will use special carts to transport riders or give them a walking escort-circumstances dictate cart or walking service. The service runs seven days a week when classes are in session. Service does not operate on State of Florida recognized holidays, between semesters or on football game days,” UCF Police said.

“SEPS drivers are vetted by UCFPD and operate out of the police department. Our priority is to keep everyone on campus safe, and SEPS provides a ‘buddy system’ to ensure that people on campus don’t have to walk alone at night.”