In an effort to increase the security of individual accounts and personal data, the University of Central Florida Information Security Office will implement multi-factor authentication to MyUCF employees with access to personal records.

All users who have greater than self-service access – access to student and employee records – will be required to use either an app (Duo Mobile), a passcode, or receive an automated call to a working phone. Students who work for the university and have access to FERPA information will be required to use the function.


UCF has required a group of users to use the service and will soon require all users to do the same. The multi-factor authentication will be needed to log in to MyUCF. WebCourses has not been included.


“UCF’s information security team is constantly evaluating the best methods for keeping our data safe, and this rollout of multi-factor authentication is an example of that effort,” Assistant Director of UCF News & Information Mark Schlueb said.

“This plan has been in the works for some time.”

The UCF Information Security Office has curated an FAQ:

What is Multi-Factor Authentication?
Multi-Factor Authentication combines something you know (your NID and password) with something you have in your possession (such as a unique one-time use code or a smartphone application). When you log in to myUCF using multi-factor authentication, after entering your NID and password, the sign-on page will prompt you to further validate your identity by one of the following means:
* Using a mobile application to approve your access with a touch
* Receiving a text message with a one-time use temporary code
* Receiving a phone call on your landline or cellular phone

Why is UCF IT making this change?
In today’s environment, multi-factor authentication is necessary to protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of sensitive online information resources.

What do I need to do?
Enroll in the UCF multi-factor authentication service by copying and pasting the following link into your web browser and following the instructions:

Where can I find help? 
In addition to the above link, you can contact the UCF IT Support Center at or by calling 407-823-5117.