The University of Central Florida produces more graduates who receive jobs in aerospace and defense companies than any other university in the nation, according to an annual workforce survey conducted by the top aviation industry publication in the U.S., and UCF.

“It says something about your graduates,” executive editorial director for Aviation Week Executive Intelligence Carole Rickard Hedden said.


“There are certain institutions, like UCF, that are really great at blocking and tackling—producing engineers of all disciplines who meet the needs of the industry.”


The study surveyed corporations, 1,156 engineering students, and 1,371 young professionals to track employment opportunity and compensation in the aerospace and defense industry.

“[Our] engineering program has been recognized nationally for its notable strengths in optics, simulation, aerodynamics, aero-structures, space aviation, advanced turbomachinery, systems and controls, unmanned aerial vehicles and advanced manufacturing,” UCF stated.

Limbitless Solutions, an organization founded by UCF students, received international attention by providing children and families of children with missing limbs, or limb defects, to have access to 3D-printed bionic limbs at affordable costs.

Knight News interviewed Limbitless President Albert Manero as well as Michael Georgiopoulos, the dean of the College of Engineering and Computer Science, and UCF Provost Dale Whittaker on the opening of the lab.

Limbitless Solutions Opens New On-Campus Headquarters

“As a large metropolitan institution, UCF provides a high-quality education inside and outside the classroom,” said Georgiopoulos. “We are located in the heart of an economic powerhouse surrounded by industry. This means our students have easy access to research experiences, internships, entrepreneurial opportunities, service learning, and jobs.”

“Our alumni and industry tell us that UCF is producing a high volume of skilled engineers and computer scientists who also possess the professional skills — such as collaboration, creativity, and communication — that employers seek,” Georgiopoulos said.