The same bar that offered ‘free beer until UCF wins’ in the infamous 0-12 season is now offering free beer as long as Scott Frost remains UCF Football’s head coach.

Frost has been a hot ticket on the college football market after improving a defeated team to a 6-7 team to a 9-0 team in the midst of a Power 5 coaching turnaround.

Originally, The Basement Orlando ran a promotion that offered free beer until UCF won a game. The Knights would not claim a victory in their 12-game season and the promotion would make national headlines.

Downtown Orlando Bar Giving Away Free Beer Until UCF Football Wins

In the 2017 season, The Basement Orlando promoted the adult beverage when the Knights began to defeat the opposing teams game-after-game. Although when rumors took off about Frost’s departure to Nebraska, Florida, et al. the bar made it a new promotion to offer beer as long as Frost stayed, evening out the context of the 2015 football season now that the Knights are undefeated.

UCF remains one of four unbeaten teams in college football.

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