ORLANDO, Fla. – UCF beat the UConn Huskies 49 to 24 on Saturday afternoon in Orlando, keeping pace with college football’s undefeated elite in a sub-par performance at home.

Once heralded (by one man) as the American Conference’s next big-ticket rivalry, the previously-named-civil-ConFLiCT was anything but a fair fight. UCF took a lead on the game’s opening drive, a sloppy affair that was held afloat by a favorable penalty on third down.

UConn was out-gained 519 to 413, but the Huskies had no business being as competitive as they were. The Knights kept them in the game with ten penalties, two turnovers on fourth down and a pair of turnovers.

“I think we made a few mistakes and we hurt ourselves a few times,” said Head Coach Scott Frost after the game. “Those are the things you can’t do against really good football teams.”

UCFlat Second Half Start

No points were added in the game’s third quarter for UCF, just the second time all season that the Knight had been held scoreless for fifteen. Building from a 28-point halftime scoring bonanza seemed imminent, but the effort was lacking to follow the big lead.

“Once we put up 21 points in the first quarter, everybody started playing down to a level where we shouldn’t have been playing,” admitted wide receiver Gabe Davis. “We should have just stayed up, kept scoring. We kept moving the ball, but we started getting a little complacent.”

“Players started to be a little bit lazier, started to play around more. Started talking more on the sidelines – little things like that show on the field,” said the freshman in an instance of extreme accountability.

UCF would pick things up in garbage time, notching 21 points in the fourth quarter.

Offensive Standards

UCF fans have become mad with success. The conference’s most explosive unit has spoiled those in Orlando, and players expect to move the needle on the scoreboard every time they step on the field.

“Honestly, we know it wasn’t up to our standards because we know we’re better than this. We had many opportunities to score and we had to punt it back to the other time,” said Wide Receiver TreQuan Smith.

“anytime we don’t end up scoring it’s not up to our standards,” Smith insisted. “Our coaches want to see us score every time we’re on the field.”

McKenzie Milton had his fifth 300+ yard passing game of the season, finishing with 311 yards and 2 touchdowns through the air to pair with his 57 rushing yards and ground score. He too felt the dissatisfaction.

“I think you just have to hold yourself to your own standard throughout every day, whether it’s throughout practice or in a game. I felt today we came out a little flat,” he said.

Standouts and Scores

QB | Milton: 24-36, 311 yards 2 TD; 57 rushing yards 1 TD

QB | Vedral: 1-2, 35 yards 1 TD

WR | Anderson: 9 rush 84 yards 2 TD; 1 reception 37 yards

WR | Smith: 7 receptions 120 yards 1 TD

WR | Williams: 2 receptions 17 yards 1 TD

WR | Davis: 8 receptions 95 yards