A sold-out rivalry game between USF at UCF – with ticket prices twice as high as FSU vs UF – awaits on Black Friday.

It’s one Frost has been looking forward to for the past year.


Frost has been known to downplay anything not related to the upcoming game. Even when that game has arrived, Frost urges players to go in level-headed, all the while practicing what he preaches.

Although former USF Football head coach Willie Taggart has moved on to Oregon Frost will have his targets aimed at the heart of the Bulls football team after their 2016 game played at Raymond James Stadium. With 2 seconds left in the fourth quarter, there was no honor among rivalry teams when Taggart ordered the offense to pile on another 7 points to a 41-31 scoreboard.

“Scott told me after the game he respected our team, but he’d remember that last touchdown,” Taggart said.

“I told him, ‘Me too. I’ll remember it.’”

Current USF Football head coach Charlie Strong will have that burden to bear on UCF’s fans – at Spectrum Stadium nonetheless. The blemished 9-1 record of the Bulls will push the team to knock down the Knights’ 10-0 run for a New Year’s 6 spotlight.

“This is one I’m gonna want,” Frost said in 2016 on the next USF game (the most admission for any hunger of blowing out a team you will get).

“I got a lot of respect for their program, I think they have a really good football team. They’re a few years ahead of us as a staff and as a program. We’re gonna get there, and I’m gonna look forward to this one down the road.”

Well, we got there. And on Black Friday, the first true unknown for the Knights since Maryland will be broadcasted on ABC as a Top-25 matchup.