Philadelphia, Penn. – University of Central Florida head football coach Scott Frost washed away a mounting rumor that a contract between the second year HC and Nebraska had been agreed upon.

Shannon Green of the Orlando Sentinel asked Frost in the Temple post-game press conference to shed light on the rumor that Frost and his Alma Mater met terms for a 7-year, $35 million contract to serve as the Huskers’ head football coach.


“That’s just totally false,” Frost said after his 45-19 victory.

“I haven’t paid any attention to all of these whirlwind rumors and everything and I’m not going to. I got an unbelievable team I’m coaching and I can promise you that no decision has been made.”


The No. 15 Knights enter The War on I-4 as a 10-0 team, arguably one of the best Knights football teams in university history – not to mention, the highest scoring offense in the country. Nebraska, Tennessee, and Florida fans have all taken notice. One-by-one the teams have been crossed off the list.

There is no guarantee that Frost would not leave for a position at Nebraska, but, for now, UCF fans can rest easy through the conference championship game and perhaps a bowl game should the Knights win out. The Houston Cougars know all too well how a mid-season (or end-of-season for this matter) coaching change can turn an efficient and well-performing team on its head.

A sold-out rivalry game between USF at UCF, with ticket prices twice as high as FSU vs UF, awaits on Black Friday.

Although former USF Football head coach Willie Taggart has moved on to Oregon Frost will have his targets aimed at the heart of the Bulls football team after their 2016 game played at Raymond James Stadium. With 2s left in the fourth quarter, there was no honor among rivalry teams when Taggart ordered the offense to pile on another 7 points to a 41-31 scoreboard.

“Scott told me after the game he respected our team, but he’d remember that last touchdown,” Taggart said.

“I told him, ‘Me too. I’ll remember it.’”

No. 15 UCF rolls over Temple 45-19 for 10th straight win