An ‘impaired’ man called the UCF Police non-emergency line Tuesday afternoon, prompting authorities to send out a UCF Alert and increased police presence on campus, UCF Police said at a press briefing.

Knight News and other media outlets met Deputy Chief Carl Metzger by the Reflecting Pond Tuesday evening for a briefing on the incident.

The man seemed to be impaired either by drugs or alcohol, Metzger said to media. The call lasted approximately two minutes and the details of the conversation were non-specific; the man claimed to have weapons and, at one point, stated he was on campus. No specific location, group, or motive had been mentioned.

UCF Police are confident the man can be identified, in which case criminal charges will be filed, leading to his arrest.

Metzger said the situation has been cleared and no imminent threat remains. The increased police presence will no carry through Wednesday, Metzger said.

Light Up UCF and the UCF men’s basketball game at CFE Arena proceeded uninterrupted. A heavy police presence occupied the area.

Stay tuned with Knight News for updated information on the crime.

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