University of Central Florida freshman Patrick Munoz, 18, was arrested after a UCF Police responded to a drug overdose on campus during finals week.

In November, officers found two students taking LSD – one in critical condition – who admitted to taking tablets earlier in the night. One of the users confessed to UCF police officers that he bought LSD from a man named Patrick at an on-campus dorm, according to authorities.



Munoz claimed to be the “biggest drug dealer at UCF” when cooperating with UCF PD.

The documents stated that police interviewed another man on December 4, 2017 who provided details on Munoz dealing drugs; the man set up a deal through Snapchat to buy an ounce of marijuana from Munoz, according to the Orlando Sentinel.

Munoz committed a small traffic infraction on the way to the deal and police located two bags of marijuana, according to the documents. A consent to search the room was given although no drugs were located.

Munoz later conceded and told police his stash had been located at The Marquee at a friend’s apartment. A police search gathered 283 grams of marijuana and two strips of LSD, according to documents.

“I informed Munoz I was aware he had been selling drugs on campus all semester and I believed he stashed his drugs somewhere before the incident,” said an arrest affidavit.

“Munoz eventually admitted to me that he was the ‘biggest’ drug dealer at UCF and he had sold thousands of dollars worth of drugs on campus.”

The 18-year-old has been charged with possession of LSD and possession of marijuana with intent to sell. Munoz reportedly cooperated with police in an effort to turn his life around immediately after the incident.