Photo from the official Josh and Jad Facebook page

It’s official, Josh Bolona and Jad Shalhoub are officially running for Student Government President and Vice President for the second year in a row.

Since their loss to Nick Larkins and Christina Barreto last year, the two have continued to be involved on campus and make an impact. Currently, Bolona is the speaker of the Student Government Senate and Shalhoub is President of The Interfraternity Council.

These experiences have shaped these two engineering majors lives and have helped them grow as individuals, according to the duo’s post on Facebook.

“Our experience over the past year has humbled and matured us. We now have a better sense of ourselves, of our University, and of how we can better serve you,” they wrote. “We are excited to share our story with you as the campaign continues. It is our hope that we can become your President and Vice President so that we can share this positive growth with you, and so that you can join us in A New Beginning.”