Photo from Brad& Breon official campaign page

It’s official, Brad Kuehler and Breon Clark, have entered the race to become Student Government President and Vice President.

The pair will be running under the slogan, “a new era.”

Currently, both Kuehler and Clark serve on SGA President Nick Larkins cabinet as the Chief of Staff and the Diversity and Outreach Coordinator respectively.

According to the duo’s website, Kuehler and Clark plan to address multiple student groups on campus individually such as freshman, veterans, upperclassman and graduate students.

Along with addressing the needs of students, Kuehler and Clark plan to cut wasteful spending by auditing SGA funded departments, eliminate paid SGA positions that are not essential, decreases the salary for certain SGA cabinet positions to free more funds, and require all A&SF Funded departments/agencies to submit an end of year line item expenditure report to the SGA Senate and A&SF Business Office.

According to the team’s announcement on Facebook, Kuehler and Clark, “aim to maintain our great progress and hold true to UCF’s values of high quality, access and diversity. With their declaration of candidacy, Brad and Breon have pledged to serve the student body and share UCF’s mission of being as diverse and inclusive as possible.”