Buy Your National Championship T-Shirt!

After the Knights parade through the Magic Kingdom to celebrate their national championship, they can march on over to UCF Stagger Inn Sunday night, for a National Championship Victory Party — sponsored by Knight News.

It’s free to get in before 8 p.m., and we’ll be picking people out of the crowd to win free Knight News National Championship T-Shirts. We’ll also have them available for sale for $15.

Drinks will be $2. And Knight News will be looking for fans to interview about UCF’s perfect season.

The Prince George Journal — the Virginia newspaper that named the UCF Knights 2017 College Football National Champions — will also be at Stagger with copies of the commemorative special edition UCF national champion newspaper and poster.

Knight News teamed with the Prince George Journal to supply content gathered by Knight News student journalists covering the Peach Bowl in Atlanta.