April 5, 2018 has been officially named UCF President John C. Hitt Day, in honor of the president of the University of Central Florida, according to a proclamation released on the Volusia County government’s official website early this morning.

“Over these past 26 years, President Hitt has inspired faculty, staff, students, and the community to dream big and reach for the stars, now therefore, We, the county council of Volusia County, Florida, do hereby proclaim April 5, 2018, as ‘UCF President John C. Hitt Day’ “ the proclamation read.

The proclamation was approved during a Volusia County Council meeting on April 3, according to the Volusia County government’s website.

Hitt became UCF’s president on Mar. 1, 1992, is the fourth president in the history of UCF and is currently the longest serving president in the State University System of Florida. He announced his retirement Oct. 24, 2017.

“I’ve never felt better about the future of UCF. I make this decision in good health and of my choosing. The time is right for this decision because I’ve never felt better about UCF,” Hitt said of his retirement.

Since then, UCF Provost and Executive Vice President Dale Whittaker was announced to become UCF’s fifth president beginning July 1.