Hannah Sage, a sophomore at the University of Central Florida, finished the Jeopardy! College Championship in third place last night, winning a prize of $25,000. 

Dhruv Gaur, A freshman at Brown University, won the championship and a prize of $100,000. William Scott, a freshman at Tufts University, placed in second, winning a prize of $50,000. He ultimately beat Sage for the second place spot by $1.

During her run on Jeopardy!, Sage received support from the UCF community, including President-Elect Dale Whittaker, who tweeted out his support for her after the final game.

“Great job, Hannah! Way to represent #KnightNation,” Whittaker said in a tweet.

Though she didn’t bring home the grand prize, Sage was still happy she went as far as she did.

“I never would have imagined I would’ve made it to the finals and was so happy that I did,” Sage said. “No matter what happened during those two matches I was extremely excited about whatever the outcome would be and was just proud of myself for having accomplished so much.”