Chewbacca, the goldendoodle in front of UCF's Reflecting Pond. Photo courtesy of Terra Stark.

Our Dog of The Week this week is Chewbacca, or “Chewy,” a 3-year-old goldendoodle – a cross between a golden retriever and poodle. 

“He’s super chill, loves to please his humans,” Stark said. “[He’s] very playful, [he] keeps us laughing all the time.”

Chewy comes from a proud multi-generational UCF family. His owner, Terra Stark, graduated from UCF in 2007, and now her son Alec is a senior computer engineering major at the university.

Chewy just recently made his first trip to UCF, after Stark learned the campus was dog-friendly.

“[It] was his first trip. It wasn’t until recently we learned [dogs] are welcome there,” Stark said. “I’m sure he will be going back! I know he is dreaming of swimming in the fountain.”

While Chewy likes to play with other dogs, he unfortunately didn’t see any on his trip to UCF. Luckily, Chewy lives with two other goldendoodles, Max and Leia.

Max the goldendoodle. Photo courtesy of Terra Stark.
Leia the goldendoodle. Photo courtesy of Terra Stark.

“It’s play time all the time at our house,” Stark said.

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